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Q & A on our cooperation

2022-04-24 11:37

1. Is there any other way to purchase coating equipment other than one-time payment?

In addition to the one-time payment for the purchase of our PVD coating equipment, our company also provides installment payment, equipment leasing and other services. Please consult our business department for details.

2. Can we conduct regional technical cooperation with your company?

Our company can provide technology and carry out regional or industrial technical cooperation with other companies. Please contact our business department for details.

3. In addition to PVD coating equipment, does your company provide other auxiliary equipment?

Our company provides turnkey projects. In addition to providing PVD coating equipment and technology, we also provide relevant auxiliary equipment, such as cleaning, testing and so on.

4. If there are special requirements for coating thickness, does your company accept it?

If the coating is of special thickness, our company needs to start the furnace separately, and the customer needs to support the cost of ladle production. Contact our business department for specific expenses.

5. What can't be achieved by PVD coating?

At present, our PVD technology can not realize the coating of deep inner hole. Therefore, if it is a deep inner hole, the customer needs to adopt other surface treatment methods.

6. How is the unit price of your coating calculated?

In order to ensure the consistency of coating price, our company adopts the heat calculation method instead of the surface area calculation method used by other peers. The calculation method is as follows: the quotation of one furnace coating is fixed, and then according to the workpiece size and the fixture to be equipped, see how many workpieces of this size can be installed in one furnace. The quotation of one furnace coating / the number of workpieces that can be installed in the whole furnace = the coating unit price of workpieces. Please contact our business department for the specific quotation of each heat of coating.

7. What is the mode of transportation of our company in Guangdong?

Our company adopts the method of bearing the corresponding freight respectively, and the customer needs to provide appropriate packaging, and our company returns the original packaging.

8. What steps should your company take before receiving the workpiece?

After receiving the workpieces, our company shall first conduct 100% inspection on the quantity and appearance of the workpieces. If the quantity is inconsistent or the surface is defective, our company will communicate with your company in time, and your company will decide whether to continue coating or return. If you need us to carry out dimensional or other inspection, please inform us in advance, otherwise we have no obligation to be responsible for this.

9. will your company send a report with it?

Our company will attach the corresponding delivery note and coating delivery inspection report when shipping. When receiving the goods, please be sure to check the corresponding delivery note. After confirmation, please sign and return it to our company. If there is any problem, please inform our customer service department in time. If not, it is assumed that the goods received by your company are consistent with our delivery.