Cool C series - titanium nitri

For the occasions requiring both low friction coefficient and high hardness, the nitrogen titanium carbide coating (TiCN) formed by introducing carbon into titanium nitride coating is an ideal choice. Due to the introduction of carbon, the surface lubricity of the coating is improved and the friction coefficient is reduced. Moreover, due to the introduction of carbon, the internal stress of the coating is reduced. However, titanium nitride carbide coating does not have good heat resistance and is not suitable for high temperature occasions. Therefore, it can not be used in occasions exceeding 400 ℃, and its impact resistance is also poor.

ProductCool C seriesCoating nameTiCN titanium nitride carbideCoating colorBlue grey

CharacteristicWear resistanceImpact resistanceCorrosion resistanceHigh temperature resistance

Film thickness( μ m)Maximum film hardness (hv0.05)Standard friction coefficient for steelMaximum applicable temperature (℃)Coating structure
1~430000.4400Monolayer, composite, nano