Why choose SUPERIORCOAT----The leader of low temperature PVD coating technology

We use the world's most advanced low temperature (80 ℃ ~ 300 ℃) vacuum magnetron cathode arc combined with vacuum magnetron sputtering patented physical vapor deposition technology, full computer process control, from vacuuming, coating process files data establishment And input, the automatic recording of the coating process parameters to the end of the coating is completely automatic, so as to ensure the quality of the coating and the consistency and repeatability of the coating.

Before coating, we will classify the workpiece. According to the workpiece material, workpiece type and use conditions, different types of pre-plating treatment processes are performed on the workpiece, such as sandblasting, polishing, vacuum baking and other physical treatments. Various chemical treatments such as alkali cleaning, acid cleaning, ultrapure water and ultrasonic cleaning, etc., make the workpiece in the best suitable state for coating before coating.

We use our patented ion beam cleaning technology to clean and activate the surface of the workpiece before coating.

Our low temperature PVD coating technology provides higher bond strength, hardness and finer particle size than films deposited by conventional PVD processes.

We use the world's advanced laboratory-level high-precision testing and testing instruments to ensure the quality of the coating, such as ball wear tester, high-precision step tester, dynamic and static scratch tester, nano-hardness tester, etc.

We customize various coating processes according to the actual needs of customers, such as titanium nitride (TiN), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), chromium aluminum titanium nitride (TiAlCrN), titanium carbide nitride (TiCN), chromium nitride (TiAlN) CrN), diamond-like carbon (DLC) and other types of single-layer and composite nano-coatings.

We provide one-stop door-to-door service, from customer consultation to coating selection, our professional team of engineers will provide detailed technical support to select the most suitable and economical coating. We offer complete turnkey projects.