Cool A + series - titanium alu

Aluminum Titanium Nitride (ALTiN)coating is a kind of coating developed on the basis of aluminum titanium nitride. The content of aluminum in the coating is further improved, so the oxidation resistance of the coating is further improved. The maximum heat-resistant temperature can reach 1200 ℃, and the hardness of the coating is also improved, up to 4500hv. It is especially suitable for high-speed dry cutting and high hard cutting. It has been used in some molds that need high temperature resistance, such as forging molds and pouring molds.

ProductCool a + SeriesCoating nameALTiN titanium aluminum nitrideCoating colorPurple brown

CharacteristicWear resistanceImpact resistanceCorrosion resistanceHigh temperature resistance

Film thickness( μ m)Maximum film hardness (hv0.05)Standard friction coefficient for steelMaximum applicable temperature (℃)Coating structure
1~645000.351200Monolayer, composite, nano