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Q & A in coating related fields of our company

2022-04-24 11:35

1. What is DLC coating? Is there only one process?

DLC coating is only a general term of DLC coating. DLC is a mixture of SP2 (graphite) and SP3 (diamond). The specific ratio of SP2 to SP3 needs to be selected according to the condition of the workpiece. Therefore, DLC has various process types to achieve different application effects.

2. What is the process temperature of your DLC?

Our company selects different processes according to different materials of customers, and the process temperature is different from 60 degrees to 180 degrees.

3. what is your main business?

Our main business is to customize coating process, coating machine and turnkey project for customers. At the same time, providing coating services for customers is walking on two legs.

4. What are your advantages over other companies?

All processes and coating equipment of our company are developed by our company, so the adjustment of process and equipment has incomparable advantages over other peers. Moreover, the localization of service will further improve the service time efficiency.

5. Why is there no effect after coating?

If there is no effect after coating, the customer needs to check whether the relevant correct information is told, such as materials, processing methods, service conditions, etc. If this information is wrong, it may lead to no effect after coating.

6. What is the price of your PVD coating equipment?

Our equipment is customized by customers, with different configurations and prices. Our purpose is to provide customers with PVD coating equipment with high cost performance

7. Is the larger the furnace cavity of coating equipment, the better, the higher the efficiency and the more economical?

The size of customized coating equipment needs to be calculated according to the customer's capacity to find the most economical capacity configuration. It's not that the bigger the furnace cavity, the better. The same energy coating has large furnace cavity, long deposition time, small furnace cavity and short deposition time. Therefore, it is necessary to find an optimal productivity furnace cavity ratio. Specifically, we only need to provide relevant information to our engineering department, and we will determine the best scheme according to the situation of customers.

8. Can PVD coating be deplated?

Any PVD coating can be de plated by physical or chemical methods. However, in general, we do not recommend customers to carry out de plating treatment for cemented carbide materials, because cobalt will be easily precipitated during de plating of cemented carbide materials, which will affect the performance of the materials.

9. Can you use PVD method for single metal deposition?

In addition to tin, TiAlN, TiCN, CrN and other coating services, our company also provides single metal coating services, such as Cr, Ti and so on